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We are dedicated to giving your the best services that fit your budget. Here is how we can help!

  • Thread, Nosing & Risers

    We can provide custom thread, nosing, and risers to complement the trim in your home.

  • Handrails

    If you are looking to replace your handrails, we can install all types of materials.

  • Balusters, Newel & Newel Caps

    Customize the smallest details.

  • Carpet Removal

    Looking to switch from carpet to wood? We can help!

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Details that Matter

Parts of a Staircase Design

Parts of a staircase: Nosing, Thread, Riser

The Stairs


Treads are the horizontal part of the stairs you step on.


Nosing is part of the thread and extends past the riser.


The riser is the height between each step.

The Details


Handrails are part that you hold onto.


Balusters are the vertical supports used to hold up the handrails


Newels are found at the top, bottom, and 90-degree turn on a staircase. They support the weight of the staircase.

Parts of a staircase: Baluster, Handrail, Newel with Cap

Brands we TRust

From Design to Finish

Staircase Remodel Process

Our project manager will guide you through every step to create a seamless process.

  • Initial Consultation

    Contact our team for a project walk! We will take the proper measurements and provide you with a competitive estimate.

  • Design

    We will provide you with quality materials and different designs based on our initial consultation.

  • Staircase Remodel

    We proudly stand by our motto: Do the job right, no shortcuts. After completing our work, you will enjoy your staircase remodel.

Staircase Remodel

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Staircase Remodeling

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Staircase Remodeling

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